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Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
payout, and we are tax-free. we don't pay the state of minnesota no taxes, and right now they want us to pay taxes, but it won't happen. that's another political question. >> i mean, we don't want to get near these political ones, but i just can't help but wondering if a native american going into the casino might do a ritual practice to evoke from the spirit - >> luckyness? >> yeah, lucky. right. >> no. no, no. >> but just to clarify one thing you said that i think is very helpful about - you didn't want to get into a political discussion about casinos, but i think what you're saying is that if a native american, like any other human being, goes into the casinos with a sense of honesty, integrity, and therefore, enjoyment, then fine. if they're there for other reasons, then they're going to have a problem no matter who they are. that kind of thing. >> could you explain a little bit about the native americans, what they think about the afterlife, and how that relates to what you were talking about, the rocks and stuff? >> afterlife, i believe we'll all be back together, united in a sp
Oct 9, 2012 11:30am PDT
industry. middle class parisians and tourists in search of fun paid tax when they ate in restaurants, drank in bars, and traveled home in hansom cabs. the pace of modern life was accelerating and lautrec was the artist who saw its impact on public life most clearly. montmartre, its dance halls and cabarets brimming with sensuality and urban edge, set the pace for modern paris. the moulin de la galette was its center. the moulin de la galette was basically a worker's dance hall, and, so, it was kind of the guts of montmartre. it's where the workers went. it's where prostitutes went. it's where the robber would be, and so forth. it was really the heart of, not bohemian life, but of working-class impoverished life in montmartre. (narrator) in moulin de la galette, toulouse-lautrec provided a snap-shot of a seedy, nocturnal world. in the background, a frieze of dancers and their spectators... to the side a policeman keeps the peace. and in the foreground, a watchful quartet-- prostitutes and their pimp-- sizing up prospects. lautrec paints it in a way that not only does the subject matter come
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2